Forgive and Forget.

One thing we should all learn is forgiveness. Failure to forgive has the power to affect our relationship with God. We must not allow external situations affect our relationship with God; they are not worth it and they prevent you from giving yourself completely to God.
Ephesians 4: 26-27 “In your anger do not sin.” One principle I try to conduct myself through, is to not let the sun go down while I’m still angered. Sleeping with anger, gives the devil a foothold.
Anger gives the enemy access to your heart. Therefore, it is imperative that we deal with our anger and forgive as the Bible calls us to do. The enemy knows that anger creates a detachment from God. From our anger, they can easily gain access to our lives and destroy us both physically and emotionally.
What does it mean to forgive:- Flush the rancor out of your heart. Even if it’s hard to forget, it’s important we rid ourselves of ill feelings.- Talk to God, let him know your concerns. It may be too much for you to carry. You’re not supposed to get revenge. Let go and let God.- Recognize that you too need to be forgiven. You also once hurt someone. It is easier to forgive when we realize that God also needs to forgive us.- If Jesus forgave you, who are you not to forgive others?Remember regardless of the environment, God is there with you. Situations happen, people come and go. But God will not leave you and will bring you exactly the people you need. Forgiveness is a liberating force. Don’t empower people to lock you in a prison of resentment, you hurt yourself a lot more. Forgive and move on.
We never get far in a relationship without the exercise of forgiveness. You can never build deep, lasting relationships if you don’t know how to forgive. In forgiveness, God aims for reconciliation.If you do not forgive you cannot be reconciled. But we should not confuse forgiveness and reconciliation, even if the two are very closely related. In a process of forgiveness, it is important to dissociate them and not to think first of reconciliation. If the injured person is led too quickly to think about reconciliation without prior work, they risk not forgiving or giving a cheap forgiveness that will not create the conditions necessary for true reconciliation. A process of forgiveness begins with a personal approach before God before being an external approach towards the offender. If we want to help someone to walk in a process of forgiveness, we must respect their emotional state and not push that person too quickly towards reconciliation. There are stages. It’s the Holy Spirit that’s going to work.
Isiah 48:18 If only you had listened to my commands! Your peace would be like a river [that never runs dry]. Your righteousness would be like waves on the sea.
Forgiveness is a command from God, and all of the Lord’s commandments have one purpose: to make us happy. Isn’t that what you want too? To be happy, fulfilled and at peace ?! Even though we may go through temporary pain, the end of forgiveness is our well-being!Frankly, who is resentful and happy? Who is bitter and fulfilled? No one! You can’t be both at the same time. So choose, what do you want? To be happy or to be hurt? Forgive and allow the Holy Spirit to heal you. Cleaning a wound hurts, but alcohol helps heal better and your skin becomes like new again! Forgiveness is like alcohol, it stings instantly, but once it’s healed, you even forget you’ve been hurt!Your life is much more important than that, forgive and move on! God is good and He has plans of happiness for you! 

Songs: Most beautiful/So in Love – Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore. Resurrecting – Elevation Worhsip, God of Revival – Bethel Music, You Make Me Brave – Bethel Music.

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