Pressure Makes Diamonds

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Today I am coming back with a new article, I know it’s been a long time but thus is struggle of staying inspired. However, I’m still here and I’m planning to bring you more frequent material.
As you may have read, the title of this article is “Pressure Makes Diamonds.” It is inevitable to go through difficult times, Life is full, it’s only normal that good times are preceded by difficult periods. In such difficult times, it just so happens that you will wonder whether God listens to your prayers, whether you’re equipped to endure the tribulations, whether your dreams are attainable. 
Through my personal trials and tribulations, I’ve gained some clarity. And I’d like to share a few of those lessons. I’ve learned that sometimes your best effort doesn’t yield the intended results. In order to grow, transform and flourish, sometimes you have to be under pressure. It is certain that at times such as this, you will feel that the world is falling around you, that nothing is going right, and that you are being broken down. And when you are feeling like this, it’s hard to hear any type of pep talk, but let me tell you that you are exactly where God intends for you to be. You have to be under pressure, pushed out of your comfort zone so that you can realize how strong you are. Sometimes, in order to evolve, you have to be outside your comfort zone. 
And, while I can reflect at this point to talk about how I sincerely believe that pressure creates diamond, I cannot deny the fact that when you are going through these types of periods, it’s hard to acknowledge whether the pressure would create diamond or downright crush you. I took comfort in knowing that God is there, and that he constantly listens to me, and he won’t abandon me. 
You’re going to watch things falling back into place after seeing them fall apart. You may not understand what God is doing in your life right now, but sooner than you know, you will. (John 3:17)
In the Bible there are a lot of examples of people who have gone through tribulations, just to come to realization that the purpose was for God to use them. So rest assured, God is using you, accept to be the clay and make him your potter, he will give you your perfect shape and with him you are sure to do things you never thought you were able to do. « Heavy is the head that wears the crown » and Queen/King, it may be hard, but keep your head up, don’t ever let your crown down. You were given an heavy crown because you’re strong enough to wear, so wear it beautifully, graciously knowing that God won’t leave you and He has your back no matter what. While your efforts might not always yield the intended results, understand that your faith in him will never mislead you. You do not fight alone, you have already won because you do come from Victory. God’s time is perfect, it may not be in agreement with yours, but once it is done, you will see that he orchestrated each of your steps because you trusted him. God is within you, you will not fall (Pslams 46:5)
I declare that better days are coming, you will be blessed far more than your expectations and your requests because you have not lost your faith. Remember that God rewards the faithful. In Jesus ’Name.
I speak healing and deliverance over your life.
Don’t try harder, trust God deeper. 💕

Song Suggestions: Promises – Maverick City; You Make Me Brave – Bethel Music; Marvin Sapp – Close.

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