Your year of purpose.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

It has been more than a month since I last posted. During that time, so many things happened in my life that required me to pause and take some time to care for myself. However, now I am back with a new article to share with you all.

First, I want to welcome you all to 2020, by wishing you a “Happy New Year!!” I wish you all goodness, love, peace and successful accomplishments of your projects during this year.

As part of the start of this new year, I want to start by talking about vision or purpose. As a result, this article will serve as a reminder of the vision or purposes that God has placed in your heart. I think all of us can either testify to having a purpose or seeking a purpose that God has placed in our hearts. These purposes that we speak of are crucial to the plans he has for us, and our destiny. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance for us to discover this vision so we can diligently work on it.

What is your vision? What is your dream? You and I both have a purpose. I suggest you write that out somewhere, place it in a spot where you can see it and be reminded daily. And every day, make it your purpose to do something to work a little closer towards that purpose that God has for you. And most importantly, invite God as you work towards this purpose; ask for his guidance, his wisdom, and word as you travel this path.

You have a dream, it is big, and at times that might sound impossible to you. Remind yourself however that, the bigger the dream, the bigger the calling, the bigger and harder the fight, the sweeter the victory. But always remind yourself, to take the initiative of inviting God in your midst, so he can lead you towards achieving your purpose. In placing God before you and at the center of your projects, you are essentially negating all chances of failure and ascertaining your success. If you’re having trouble understanding how to start, ask God to assist you. You don’t know where to go? ask God to show you the way. Things have become complicated? ask God for revelation. You don’t see a solution? ask God to open doors for you. If God placed that purpose in your heart, regardless of the grandeur or the time it takes, be assured that he will provide you victory, because he is Jehovah Jireh. He will bring you peace, he is El Shalom. In moments of trouble, he will protect you, he is Jehovah Nissi. When everything seems dark and invisible, he makes a way, he sees for you, he is El Roi. And when you are in doubt, remind yourself that you have El Shaddai, God almighty. HE MAKES EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. Nothing is impossible to God; nothing is impossible to whom that believes.

His purpose for your life doesn’t have to necessarily make sense to you, if he ordains it then it shall be done. As humans, we only know so much, and as a result we can’t always see the full circle of God’s vision and works. Regardless, we must remind ourselves that his purpose was placed in our life for a reason, and if you trust him with your life, you shouldn’t be troubled with how long it takes or the probability of it happening. He has already done it.

Of a most important note, we must make it customary to thank him before, during and after the process. Praying before, during and after the process. Philippians 1:6 writes “[…] he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Now the ball is in your court. Don’t suffocate your dreams. Don’t suffocate your vision. Take the courage to unveil your dreams, to invite God and to work towards it with assurance that God will help you and provide.

Be true to your purpose. Don’t allow anything to distract you. Seek the Kingdom of God. Let his will be done. Serve his Kingdom and God will provide everything else.

Songs: I Adore You – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir; El Shaddai – Lecrae; No Weapon – Fred Hammond; Never Would Have Made It – Marvin Soap.

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