Remember Who You Are.

Many times I have gone back and looked at where I’ve come from and what went through. And many times looking back, I saw only my mistakes, I saw only my bad choices, things I was not proud of, things I’m ashamed of now. And sometimes even today it still happens that I look back and doubt my worth and blame myself for everything I’ve done before. I dare to believe that I am not the only one in this situation of guilt. I just think that sometimes we fail to believe in ourselves and open the door to the enemy to make us believe that we have no value and many other negativities but that makes us forget who we really are Christ.

Here are some pitfalls that the enemy is giving us, and some reminders on to avoid them.

– We must not meet standards imposed by people. These standards do not define us. Many of us are struggling to meet these standards and when we are not successful in conforming to those standards we get frustrated. It’s a normal reaction to get frustrated because pleasing people and conforming to their standards is not part of our destiny. 

– Some of us are on an endless quest for approval from people. We want to please the people around us at all costs. But once again, this is not part of your destiny. You haven’t t been brought into this world to please everyone. It’s a never-ending cycle wanting to meet the expectations of people, they will always want more, will never be satisfied. In addition, without realizing it, we let people define who we are, we let our identity be altered by moving away from our identity in Christ and from God’s calling for our life. You will never find your purpose if you focus on what the world think of you, and how you could satisfy their expectations. If you are addicted to people’s approval, maybe you suffer from the fear of rejection. But God can cure that. He forgave you and He accepts you the way you are. Therefore you no longer need to fear rejection from anyone else.

– I wanted to raise another point. For a long time, I was so angry at myself for the mistakes I made. Many times I had in my head that all I deserved was punishment and so it drew me away from God because I thought He was just going to punish me. I don’t think I’m the only one in this situation. Mistakes will be part of our daily life and I think that sometimes after we have sinned or made a mistake, we are so frustrated that we do not want to go back to God because firstly we do not think that we still have value in His eyes but also because we struggle with forgiving ourselves. However, the Bible says that we have to forgive seventy times seven times every day (Matthew 18:22). And that includes ourselves too, we have to learn how to forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

– Finally, some of us make the biggest mistake in my opinion – listening to the enemy when he makes us doubt ourselves. Many times I doubted myself, I told myself that I had made so many mistakes, that I had no value, that I was good at nothing, that everyone around me was better than me, that I was not going to change, that I was never going to evolve, that I had no reason to be on earth. I saw only flaws in me. But that was because I had given the possibility to the enemy to come to divert me from my call and my purpose, I had given the possibility to the enemy to come to make me doubt the work of God, of his love and mercy for me. That is a huge mistake that we shouldn’t do because the enemy comes only to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). He will come to steal your calling, kill your purpose and destroy what God has placed in you.

We all know the Lion King, right? After Scar “destroyed” Simba’s life by making him believe that he had killed his father and that he was horrible, that he had no value, after Scar wanted to destroy him, Simba backed up from his kingdom for many years with the idea that he had killed his father, so he was horrible. It was only a few years later that Rafiki found him back and reminded him of his worth and reminded him that he was supposed to be a King. He asks him to look at a water source, after his image was clarified, he sees not only his reflection, but he also sees Mufasa his father, the former King, who makes Simba the heir of the throne. What did Mufasa tell Simba? -“REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE”

You too, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. You are the reflection of your Father, you are an heir to the Kingdom. Do not let any “Scar” enter into your life to come and make you doubt yourself, destroy you and get you away from your calling, get you away from your Royal identity in Christ. You were crowned Prince / Princess in Jesus.

God loves you the way you are and Jesus has already paid the price so that your sins could be washed away. It will happen that you make mistakes, you are not perfect. Do not fall back into the trap of the enemy, do not fall into guilt and doubt, remember your Royal identity in Christ.

Songs: No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music ; Victory – Eben ; Build My Life – Passion.

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    1. Glory to God. I am glad to hear that this post ministered to you. I pray that God keeps revealing himself to you and always reminds you that the enemy has no place in you, nor power over you through the blood of Jesus. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed.

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